Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership January 29, 2018

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Before and after: How this Brunswick home went from ‘poorly planned’ to sun-filled
    Its called House to Catch the Sun and indeed every aspect of this renovated abode is now filled with natural light. But it wasnt always so….
  • Couple takes fight to keep pet dog in London penthouse to High Court
    A bitter two-year battle involving a pooch, a penthouse and pet owners has ended up before the High Court in London.
    At the centre of it all is Vinnie, a Yorkshire-Maltese crosswho faces being evicted from the 1 million ($1.76 million) penthouse his London ownerscall home.
    Gabby and Florian Kuehn fronted the High Court on Thursday to launch an appeal, in a last-ditch attempt in their expensive legal battle to stop Vinnie being kicked out.
    It comes almos…
  • Sydney and Melbourne likely to suffer a major correction
    While house prices have risen sharply in some Australian capitals, namely Sydney and Melbourne, it’s still being debated whether the price surges are indicative of a bubble that’s headed for a major correction. While the debate is likely to continue for some time, the fact remains that affordability has…
  • Corporation tax breaks kept secret to avoid 'harsh criticism': FOI documents
    But Labor MLC Daniel Mookhey, who had for a year led a fight that has even involved the Crown Solicitor only to secure a de-identified list that showed that the state’s largest company was paying up to $3 million each in business mortgage duties, argues the public has been denied information it needs…
  • Stricter regulations could stabilise housing market
    Most of the European countries surveyed have higher rates of home ownership than Australia. In 9 of the 10 countries including … Germany is exceptional for its extended period of stable house prices; other countries have had booms and some have had booms and busts. In all countries house prices…
  • How do other countries deal with foreign buyers?
    Foreign ownership of Australian real estate has gained attention in recent years due to the perception that foreign acquisitions drive up house prices and reduce the stock that locals can buy. The introduction of several new taxes on foreign property investors has been partially blamed for the recent drop…