Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership January 3, 2018

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • ANZ pressures brokers on riskier home loans
    The banking sector has been pressured by the prudential regulator to tighten lending standards amid ultra-low interest rates, exploding household debt and surging house prices. Although loan-to-value ratios have been falling in recent years, with customers having generally saved more for a deposit,…
  • ASIC follows the data to expose lenders and insurers
    ASIC senior executive for financial services Michael Saadat said the mortgage broker review had set a high water mark for data collection and analysis. … One of the big, continuing projects from 2017 will be the crackdown on loan fraud, particularly in the home loan market, and efforts to improve…
  • Hot Seat: Theo Chambers
    A: I got a mortgage for my first property through a broker even though I worked at CBA in lending. My broker was able to get me a more competitive and appropriate home loan product whilst also being far more informative about the overall ins and outs of the process. It made me realise that I may be…
  • Rise in mortgage stress defies lending crackdown
    NSW households had the most significant increase in stress as rising Sydney house prices in recent years meant borrowers in the state often had … Investment bank UBS estimates banks have sold $500 billion of liar loans to borrowers who are not completely accurate in their home loan applications.
  • Canberra property market ends 2017 on a high, according to CoreLogic report
    Canberra ended 2017 on a high for the property market with dwelling values up one per cent over the final quarter of the year, according to CoreLogic.
    The CoreLogic Hedonic Home Value Index report said the capitals dwelling prices edged 0.2 per cent higher in December andit was4.9 per cent higher throughoutthe year.
    The report found houses in the capitalare rising at more than double the rate of unit values, with house prices up 5.8 per cent …