Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership January 31, 2018

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Four Victorian suburbs to watch this year
    New developments, demographic changes, and infrastructure upgrades are some of the things that make a suburb more attractive to owner-occupiers and property investors. In a report from Domain News, some industry experts highlighted four suburbs in Victoria that fit this mould, making each of them…
  • Perth housing market sees early signs of recovery
    The Perth property market is beginning to see signs of recovery after being stuck in the doldrums for the first half of 2017. Property analyst Gavin Hegney told Domain News that the city managed to begin trending upward by the end of last year. It started with trade-up buyers buying into areas with…
  • 33% of mortgage applicants are denied under new rules
    One in three clients of mortgage brokers is unable to obtain a home loan due to tightening credit policies by lenders, according to Hank Hong, managing director of a Sydney-based lending solutions provider. [Credit tightening has] affected servicing and how much you can actually lend based on…
  • The unique challenges of renovating a two-storey home
    Every house has its own uniquechallenges when it comes to renovating, but a two-storey home comes with some that are verydifferent to a single-storey.
    Anchoring your house
    A two-storey home can often look heavy and needs to be visually anchored in place. Anchoring is a subtle thing to achieve but can mean the difference between your home looking fantastic or looking a bit off.
    The easiest way to visually anchor a two-storey house is to do some …
  • Landscaper ordered to pay compensation of $15 to property investor over grass and weeds
    A property investor who found himself in a weedy situation has sued his landscaper in the hopes of recouping some green only to be awarded a measly $15.
    The Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal last week ordered New Era Landscapes owner Jonathon OBriento pay the meagre amount to cover the cost of weed killer, after some turf he planted sprouted the unwanted saplings.
    I was ecstatic, Mr OBrien said on Tuesday. It could…
  • Perth housing market sees early signs of recovery
    Experts believed Perth has reached the bottom of the current cycle and recovery will be more noticeable in 2019
  • 33% of mortgage applicants are denied under new rules
    The stricter screening process is the result of tightened lending policies, according to a mortgage professional