Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership January 4, 2018

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Predictions for 2018: another bull run, another record sale but few foreigners
    Sydneys ultra-prestige home owners areexpected to enjoy another strong run in 2018 to match this years bull market despite a predicted slowdown in the broader housing market….
  • Which pets are the best for renters?
    Owning a pet while renting isnt without its challenges, as pet-friendly properties are rare and in high demand.
    A large part of the reason so many landlords dont allow pets is the damage they can potentially cause to the property.
    But according to Dr Bronwyn Orr, scientific officer, companion animals at RSPCA Australia, when it comes to property destruction, giving your pet appropriate training and stimulation is more important than choosing a specific breed.
  • 2018: the year getting a mortgage will become harder
    The punt for 2018 will be predicting how far house prices will fall. Based on the expectations of most economists, mortgage holders have between nine and 18 months of the current record low interest rates before the Reserve Bank will begin the process of moving them up towards more long-term…
  • Interest rate rises 'almost certain' this year, say economists
    Any increases in the RBA cash rate would be likely to be passed on to higher mortgage rates at a time when house prices in Sydney and Melbourne appear to be falling. Westpac economist Elliot Clark said strong jobs growth had been a welcome surprise but did not expect the Reserve Bank to lift rates…
  • Managing the great property price unwind
    The apparent end of the boom has been a clear win for APRA’s macroprudential measures, twice intervening directly in lending markets to ration the amount of credit that property investors can have. More than half the market in Sydney and a bit less in Melbourne are pure investors rather than people…
  • Property predictions 2018: Sydney slowdown, bumper year for Hobart
    Whether you’re on the hunt for a first home for your family, or you’re a seasoned buyer on your fifth investment home loan, knowing what’s ahead is key to making sure you find the right … If you’re planning to get in to the property market in 2018, make sure you come armed with a competitive mortgage.