Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership January 4, 2020

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • How Dandenong became a revitalised second city for Greater Melbourne
    When former 400 Gradi head chef Haitham Richani decided to open his own restaurant, the decision to do it in Central Dandenong was an easy one.
    Everyone was warning me against opening in Dandenong, Mr Richani says. This place had a charm, just the area, the street looked good, the buildings around it I saw an opportunity here.
    Mr Richani and partner Stifany Jacob opened their cafe and restaurant Ettamo in …
  • Pros and cons of the new FHB scheme
    This is based on taking out CBA’s basic home loan at a rate of 3.32 per cent for … If rates rise the increase in mortgage repayments will be greater; and.
  • Is it time to refinance your home loan in 2020?
    If it does, it may be a good time to think about refinancing your home loan for … Once the fixed rate period ends, the mortgage interest rate will typically…
  • ‘One of the worst property investments people make’: Do holiday homes ever make financial sense?
    Weve all done it. Spent time in a lovely holiday home and dreamt of one day having our own vacation retreat, assuming it may provide us with both happy memories and also a decent income.
    But according to the experts, this is often just a pipe dream.
    Investing in a holiday home can often be very risky, says property investment adviserNiro Thambipillay.
    The problem is most areas where holiday homes are located are very seasonal, he said. So…
  • The best and cutest houses for sale in Tasmania for less than $500,000
    While most of the country is sweltering, the good people of Tasmania are enjoying cooler temperatures. If youd like to join them, here are some super-cute houses under $500,000 on the Apple Isle thatll help you beat the heat.
    11 French Street, Launceston
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="…
  • 5 home loans worth switching to in 2020
    New year, new me or rather, new home loan? If saving money is top of your to-do list for 2020 and you’re paying off a mortgage, here’s the good…
  • The January 2020 changes all first home buyers need to know about
    The scheme will assist a maximum of 10,000 eligible home loan borrowers … Major mortgage lenders are said to be taking part in the scheme from…