Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership January 6, 2018

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • The cheapest beach spots within a three-hour drive of Sydney
    Ever dreamt of buying a weekender within a three hour drive of Sydney? The latest data reveals both good news and bad.
    The good news is that it could be much cheaper than you might imagine; the bad is that you should act fast. Prices of property by the coast both north and south of the city are far more affordable, but theyre rising sharply.
    Take Anna Bay in the Port Stephens area, for…
  • Sydney's most and least affordable suburbs to buy a home
    The wide gap between income and house prices would likely make many suburbs vulnerable to a downturn, Ms Hassan added. We saw the property markets of Ireland and Denmark suffer severe downturns a number of years ago when the ratio of home prices hit six times wages, Ms Hassan said.
  • Canberra property market is not immune from risks of a crash
    We are, after all, fortunate to have a lot of people in stable and well paid jobs whose ability to service a mortgage plays no small part in underpinning … Given Canberra is also popular with property investors as a result of strong capital growth, high occupancy rates and strong rental returns, it is only a…
  • Why I'm sick of predictions of rising home loan interest rates
    As banks and other mortgage lenders have generally followed the RBA moves, albeit pocketing some of its cuts for themselves, huge home loan savings have flowed through to borrowers. Groundhog Day is a century-old US tradition. Punxsutawney Phil is star of the show.Picture: AP. And here we are in…
  • 10 of the cheapest towns in Victoria to buy a house
    Drive a few hours from the hustle and bustle of Melbourne, and property can cost less than a house deposit inthe city.
    Victorias cheapest towns are mostly concentrated acrossthe states north west, where wheat production and sheep grazing help to sustain tiny populations.
    In these sleepy inland towns with wide streets and big backyards, the median house price is likely years away from hitting $200,000.
    An analysis of property sales acr…
  • 'Broking is not a nine-to-five job'
    Yellow Brick Road principal Effie Nicol shares her views on running a mortgage business and how she made the leap from salaried banker to a successful self-employed broker. In seven years, YBR Earlwood principal Effie Nicol has built a successful mortgage broking business, but it didn’t come easy.