Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership January 9, 2017

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • On the move: a stress-free guide to moving house
    I have moved times in the past13 years. Of those moves, two were international and one was interstate.
    Over the years, my husband and I have refined our approach and now tackle a move with nothing short of military precision. We have, however, made plenty of mistakes along the way.
    To lose is to learn, apparently, so in the interests of education, here are some of our more noteworthy blunders.
    Consider your moving dates carefully
  • Rent or buy? The evidence is in
    But for many, the logic of home-ownership is unquestionable. … ‘rent money is dead money’ and ‘stop paying off someone else’s mortgage’,” they write. … in all but four years, comprising 1989-90 (when house prices had peaked and…
  • Pick of the bunch: where to buy and sell in Brisbane for 2017
    House prices wereprojected to grow across Brisbane in 2017 but several areas will outperform the rest.
    Domain Groupchief economistAndrew Wilson picked the following nine suburbs where buyers couldexpect strong returns on investment and vendors couldexpect strong interest in their properties.
    The suburbs …
  • Vancouver house prices rose 18 per cent in 2016.
    Vancouver house prices rose 18 per cent in 2016. … on foreign buyers in August, and the federal government to toughen mortgage rules in October.