Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership July 3, 2016

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Melbourne auction clearance rate rises, despite election interruption
    Australias two-month federal election campaign failed to deter Melbourne sellers from listing properties, real estate agents say.
    On Saturday, the number of auctions fell to fewer than 200 but this was mostly the result of the startof school holidays and a mid-winter exodus of prospective buyers from Melbourne.
    Agents and commentators expect the tempo of the market for the rest of the year to be set during August, when listings will crank up.
    The 2013 federal…
  • George Cochrane: focus on preserving capital
    If you have a mortgage on your home, it is usually ignored by Centrelink because the home is not counted by the means tests. But if you are renting out…
  • Beyond Sydney: Knowsley Park, O’Connell
    When early explorer George Evans followed the trail of Blaxland, Lawson and Wentworth across the Blue Mountains in 1813, he decided to continue further west. He found an area he described as, a fine plain of rich land, the handsomest country I ever saw good and beautiful….
  • Heart Foundation weighs into town planning to help make suburbs more walkable
    The old real estate spruik just a sort stroll to has never carried more weight.
    Health is the new buzzword in property, as architects, developers and town planners use wellbeing advocates to shape suburbs and housing projects.
    The Heart Foundation, known for its red tick endorsements, is becoming increasingly involved in the early stages of urban planning, helping to make suburbs more walkable.
    Collingwood-based fashion designer and bri…
  • Alleged drug lord falls on tough times
    … kingpin Ivan Tesic has been threatened with foreclosure of his luxury Hilton apartment in Surfers Paradise after his mortgage payments fell behind.
  • /video/
    The more houses we can build, the more affordable house prices will be, but I don’t believe we’ll be able to keep up with demand from population…