Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership July 31, 2018

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Borrowers becoming more distrustful of banks, survey reveals
    Of the financial services space, only insurers recorded an increase in trust, while confidence in brokers and mortgage providers fell 7% and 5%,…
  • Looking for capital growth? Consider these suburbs
    For home buyers and investors looking to cash in on a consistent capital growth, Victoria’s Wallan may be the best location to look for a property.
  • Stellar June sales not enough to offset 2018 decline
    The availability of credit has tightened over the past 12 months with banks responding to the decline in house prices and the Banking Royal…
  • Proportion of Australian renters becoming homeowners takes a dive: HILDA survey
    For 26-year-old renter Nick Stoll, the thought of owning his home is a complete fantasy.
    On my wages, Im never going to own a home until 40 years later, Mr Stoll said.
    I dont know anyone in Sydney buying a house under 30 without parental help.
    According to the latestHouseholdIncome and Labour Dynamics in Australia(HILDA) survey from the University of Melbourne, the proportionof Australia…
  • Nature lovers’ haven: homes around bushland for every budget
    In Brisbane, were blessed to be surrounded by vibrant wildlife, from creeks quietly zig-zagging through suburbs to vast swathes of untouched bushland.
    If youre astute, you can nab a house which makes the most of this natural feast for the eyes, whether youre after a fixer-upper or a luxury mansion.
    These five homes sit across a range of price brackets, each house totally different but with their own special claim to a patch of Queensland greenery.
  • Non-banks can help mortgage prisoners
    The industry association is calling on brokers to help customers by directing them to non-banks
  • Developer takes Surry Hills apartment buyers to court in effort to tear up contracts
    A group of excited home-buyers purchased apartments off the plan for a new building in Surry Hills, unaware its developer hadnt organised finance, applied for construction certificates or put out any tenders for the building work, a court heard on Monday.
    The developer, a womens clothing manufacturer who was about to retire, saw an opportunity to use the land on which his warehouse stood for a rag-trade-to-riches enterprise.
    But he had no experie…