Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership June 1, 2016

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • US home prices rise in March
    Solid job growth, modest increases in wages and salaries, and low mortgage rates are fuelling Americans’ willingness to buy homes. Yet there is also…
  • Luxury holiday homes a welcome retreat and source of rental income
    A prestige property in apopular holiday location can be as good as an investment as it is a great retreat, with healthy returns for those homes that are well located and well fit out.
    TerryKaljo, chief executiveand founder of Contemporary Hotels, which rents premium residential properties for the holiday market,has seen a shift in recent yearswithmore high-end home owners sharing their piece of paradise.
    Owners feel comfortable kn…
  • Apartment dwellers saving Australia‚Äôs much-loved suburban shopping strips
    Struggling suburban shopping strips are being saved by the arrival of new apartment dwellers who tend to shop, eat and gather on streets near their homes.
    Research from Savills Australia shows suburban shopping streets once plagued with rising vacancies and empty shopfronts have turned the corner with vacancy rates falling by an average of 25 per cent over the last four years.
    The change is being attributed to growing numbers of new apartment dwellers.
  • Celebrate innovation that puts the customer in charge
    For example, last week I heard about a new company called Uno, which gives consumers access to the software used by mortgage brokers.
  • The Basin: the suburb where developers fear to tread
    Theres no real estate agents office in The Basin. Until recently, there were no traffic lights either, though the installation of a pedestrian crossing changed that. On the lower side, theres a bunch of shops looking for new tenants and a pub-like venue that is still sporting Christmas decorations in June….
  • This is how petrol prices are keeping Australia's mortgage performance strong
    … months, equivalent to an 11 basis point cut in the standard variable home loan rate, … Fitch believes this cut in expenses contributed to keeping mortgage … market, together with record low interest rates and buoyant house prices.
  • Expert allays fears of imminent property market setback
    Property investors continue to voice concerns over the property market … borrowers are still opting to maintain the level of their mortgage payments,…
  • ASIC commends MFAA for educating Fairfax
    The head of the MFAA quite rightly highlighted the differences in commission structures between mortgage brokers and financial planners, ASIC told brokers
  • Foreign investors in NSW should face higher taxes
    An online property agency has called on the NSW government to double the surcharge placed on foreign investors buying property
  • Expert allays fears of imminent property market setback
    Kodari Securities founder and stock market expert Michael Kodari believes that an imminent setback is likely to be delayed until interest rates start to rise and employment starts to move higher.