Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership June 13, 2016

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • How to live green in a small apartment
    Advice on home sustainability is often based on unlimited space and a mortgage, with chicken coops, vegetable patches and solar systems among those frequently listed options.
    A host of innovative startups are now working to change the industry, inventing new products to suit renters and apartment dwellers.
    Australian company Glowpear specialises in gardening solutions for small spaces, giving renters and apartm…
  • What does $1 million get you around Australia?
    Just the other day, I noticed a For Sale sign in my building for a similar one-bedroom apartment to the one I am currently renting. Interested to know more, I looked a little closer and noticed that it had an asking price of $1 million.I was taken aback. Yes, Im well aware of Sydneysmedian house price, but Im also…
  • Drought under way for mortgage securities
    Home loan lenders’ issuance of securities backed by mortgages has dried up, reversing healthy activity in recent years as the property boom…
  • LoanDolphin fintech dives into banks' mortgage market
    The mortgage space is a massive market so if you can crack it then that’s … Fellow online mortgage finance platform Dfinanz began last year, while…
  • NSW finally delivers and axes $1.8b in taxes
    Treasurer Gladys Berejiklian will today announce the cutting of mortgage duty worth an average $1010 per transaction, 210,068 times a year.
  • Calm before the June storm for Melbourne auction market
    The Melbourne auction market was predictably subdued at the weekend, with buyers and sellers distracted by the Queens Birthday holiday break.
    Melbourne reported a year-low clearance rate of just 65.8 per cent on Saturday, below the 74.4 per cent recorded over the previous weekend and well below the 81.4 per cent recorded over the same weekend last year.
    Low holiday auction numbers contributed to Saturdays lower clearance rate with just 265 homes listed. The n…