Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership June 17, 2017

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Middle to outer suburbs of Melbourne see huge price growth with buyers pushed out
    Five years ago, buyers could snap up a family home in Melbournes east for less than $600,000. Now, they are worth well over $1 million: and prices are still going up.
    House prices in huge swaths of Melbournes middle and outer suburbs have almost doubled in the past five years as buyers continue to seek more affordable options than the inner-city can provide.
    The middle ring areas east and south of the city have had the biggest boom, with the median house price soar…
  • ‘Rising rents plague city’: Sydney prices surge despite record home building
    Next month Chippendale resident Marcus Higgins will struggleto pay rent for theapartment hes called home for a year.
    The 27-year-old, who rents a two-bedroom unit with a friend for $620 a week, has been told their rent will increase when their lease ends in July. The big question now is by how much?
    An increase of $10 or $20 more would be manageable for Mr Higgins, who works full time and isnt financially stressed.
    But if its $100 w…
  • How to survive a falling property market and higher rates
    It’s the worst combination for property investors falling prices mixed with rising … Most investors have some notion that house prices are falling, after all, … But RBA setting are increasingly irrelevant when mortgage rates the…
  • Clever use of the property finance system will open doors
    Don’t blame your mortgage broker, it’s more than likely due to the banking regulator … Mortgage Broker Elaine Lam, who helps property investors source funding, … Some banks will help cover all refinancing costs such as mortgage…
  • Real estate investors need to act now to enjoy a tasty tax time treat
    Repairing a dodgy door, fixing a broken fence or adding a fresh coat of paint are immediate tax deductions for property investors in the financial year…