Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership June 2, 2016

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • House prices – the souffl? is rising again
    House prices – the souffl is rising again …. If house prices continue to move up solidly it will make for a very difficult decision on what to … It appeared they had overshot the investor loan target and there is now a move on to grow their investor mortgage loan book. …. Trim thousands off your home loan.
  • We asked young Australians their thoughts on the property market ahead of the federal election
    Australias Generation Ycare quite a lot about the housing market and some of them may know more than we give them credit for.
    With housing affordability and potentialchanges to tax concessions proving key battlegrounds for the federal election campaign, we asked first-time voters which boxes theyll be more likely to tick on July 2.
    We asked young Aussies how they see their future, whetherthey subscribe to the Great Australian Dream of…
  • Sydney market leap pushes national house prices upwards
    Sydney house prices jumped 6.6 per cent over autumn and Melbourne is … investors now comprise 47.6 per cent of all new mortgage commitments.
  • Fixed-rate loans hit rock bottom
    According to their database on a $300,000 30-year home loan the average standard variable rate is 4.95 per cent and the monthly repayments are…
  • Queensland’s bargain homes you can buy for less than $100,000
    Rising property prices in Queensland may have first home buyers at loose ends, pondering limited options on how to get a foothold in an increasingly difficult housing market.
    However, if location, size, reputation, and general appearancesdo not factor into your decision-making process, then fear not, there are options out there.
    Here are some of Queenslands best and oddest homes for less than $100,000.
    35 King Street, Charleville $75,…
  • RBA move prompts borrowers to roll the dice on variable rate loans
    Australian borrowers have proved to be on the ball, with demand for variable rate home loans increasing after the Reserve Bank of Australia trimmed the official cash rate last month
  • 3 Little-known risks of having all your loans with one bank
    Many investors think that having their home loan, investment loans, credit cards and savings accounts with the one bank is a good thing.
  • MFAA enters a new age
    The MFAA explored the impact of technology and how this will shape the future of mortgage broking in its new state-based conference format, the Broker 2020 series.
  • Melbourne suburbs guaranteed to sell at auction with 100 per cent clearance rates
    Every one of the 23 sellers who put a property under the hammer in Caulfield South during May had reason to pop the champagne. Every auction in the suburb ended with the slap of a sold sticker across the sales board.
    The remarkable statistics show the rising strength of the inner south, as Melbournes east continues to take a back seat in the auction market, while other parts of the city shine.
    Inner suburbs in the south, west and north have dominated the list of suburbs w…
  • Mortgage brokers: ASIC goes fishing
    The ASIC inquiry into the way mortgage brokers are paid may uncover some isolated shady dealings but the system of remuneration for brokers is already regulated well enough by intense competition
  • Brokers should prepare for regulatory change, says global mortgage veteran
    The former CEO of Mortgages at Barclays in the UK has told brokers they can expect their market share to rise significantly but they should also expect changing regulation