Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership June 20, 2017

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Sale of Vic siege gun paid for mortgage
    A devout Catholic and father is accused of selling a sawn-off shotgun to a middle man, which was then used by Melbourne terrorist Yacqub Khayre.
  • There’s nothing new about the housing affordability argument: Mark Bouris
    Yellow Brick Road chairman Mark Bouris grew up in Punchbowl in Sydney but he desperately wanted to live in Vaucluse.
    He says he finally achieved his goal but it took him a very long time, so would-be homeowners and investors today need to understand that dream locations and homes takes time.
    Desirable suburbs such as Vaucluse will always be in demand and therefore will become lessand not moreaffordable over time,especially as Australia…
  • Property Council of Victoria executive director Sally Capp: What Melbourne property needs
    Some people follow the straight and narrow path through life, but not Sally Capp. She was the first woman to tackle several high-profile jobs and her journey has been far from predictable.
    Her love of life, interest in people and places and natural optimism has driven her along an interesting, if sometimes surprising, career trajectory.
    She juggles an executive job and positions on several not-for-profit boards with a busy family life.
    I embrace …
  • Tenants share renting horror stories as part of ‘Make Renting Fair’ campaign
    When Peter Montgomery received a notice to vacate his home earlier this year, he had to read the letter three times to comprehend what he was reading.
    I was shattered, to be perfectly honest, Mr Montgomery said.
    The 73-year-old and his wife, ill with advanced Alzheimers disease,had been renting their Glenroy housefor 12 years.
    I must admit I got extremely, extremely angry, he said.Simply because…
  • Matter Launches Revolutionary Innovative 'Solar for Dual-Occupancy' in Australia
    Matter has launched the much-awaited innovative ‘Solar for Dual Occupancy’ a new service for property investors with dual occupancy properties, like…
  • Non-major raises investor rates
    The bank has increased its interest rates on new and existing investment property loans and reduced the maximum LVR for new applicants
  • Canadian mortgage bubble exposed to China “ghost collateral”
    In China, linkages between the banking and shadow banking systems are also becoming more complex and opaque, increasing the underlying credit…
  • Mortgage broking group appoints CEO
    The board of mortgage broking group, Australian Finance Group (AFG), has appointed current interim chief executive, David Bailey as the company’s…