Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership June 22, 2016

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Kerb appeal: Top five tips to boost your home’s first impression
    Whether you plan to sell your house this year or after your last child leaves the nest, being a homeowner includes keeping the house in tip-top shape.
    Yes, you can boost your sale price by updating your kitchens and bathrooms, but buyers will never even see your homes interior if the exterior scares them.
    Every house needs kerb appeal. You want your house to say welcome to prospective buyers, not, as Oz said in the Wizard of Oz,go away!…
  • Ascot is on the money
    Alongside its old-money neighbours, Hamilton and Clayfield, Ascot is home to many of Brisbanes mostprestigious properties. Gorgeous Queenslanders and colonial homes are the mainstay here, butcontemporary homes like our feature home pictured right are dialling up the heat in a tightly held market.
    Ascot scores high when it comes to location, positioned seven kilometres from the CBD and close to theBrisbane River.
    Its a very well established …
  • Balwyn North: is it really Melbourne’s most boring suburb?
    Ask someone who lives in Balwyn North what the most exciting thing about living there is and theres silence. Eyes search around. Well call it thinking time. Its family friendly, might eventually come out….
  • Federal election 2016: Labor gets conflicting reports on housing
    That’s about two to three years in the reduction in the principal on your mortgage you would pay off over that time, gone like … Economics principal Gene Tunny in a Sky News interview that house prices would rise … a policy that will see first home buyers on an even playing field with property investors..
  • Real estate titans predict massive slides in prices of ALP wins government
    Managing director of SQM Research, Louis Christopher, expects house prices will fall between 3 and eight per cent for last up to three years if Labor’s…
  • Federal election 2016: House prices to fall, rents to rise under Labor negative gearing policy
    Under the best-case scenario, the new report by property analysts SQM Research states that Australian house prices would fall by a combined 4 per…
  • Past selling practices could put mortgage professionals in hot water
    Ongoing regulatory changes in the Australian property market might spawn a new industry of firms eager to profit off banks and brokers paying redress to customers in relation to past selling practices.
  • Housing taxation serves as electoral battleground
    Property taxation has become an important battleground in the upcoming national election, with Labor planning to curb the benefits of negative gearing and concessional capital gains tax, while the government is arguing that such changes could hit house prices.
  • Quality comes first in Melbourne’s property auctions
    Prospective buyers in Melbourne are aggressively targeting A-grade houses in low-supply suburbs despite a high volume of listings.