Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership June 27, 2017

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Three of the best new developments in Queensland
    Your insidelook at some of the best new developments across south-east Queensland.
    Unison, Newstead

    <img alt="Newstead's riverside location is a major drawcard and one that attracted the Mirvac property group for its latest project, Unison." src="×3…

  • Stockdale & Leggo chief operating officer Anna Thomas: ‘Never give your power away’
    Five years is a long time to wait for a holiday but when Anna Thomas gets her claws into a job, she doesnt let go easily.
    Relaxing over lunch in Melbournes Hawksburn, the real estate executive is excited about a long-awaited family trip, which is only days away.
    Life hasnt always been easy for Thomas. She was kicked out of home at 18, had to fight to continue her education and worked two jobs to put herself through university. Then she los…
  • Why it’s time to start looking for the best house on the worst street
    The old saying goes that you should buy the worst house on the best street. But lets face it: you stopped being able to afford the best street a long time ago, and even the distinctly average streets are pretty much out of your price range now.
    So maybe its time to flip it and start looking forthe best house in the street you dont even want to park on.
    Back in the days when housing was foolishly seen as a way to shelter humans from the elements, instea…
  • Tiwi town lease to drive home ownership
    ‘It was something I really wanted to do but I wanted to make sure I was ready for the responsibility of paying my mortgage, working hard,’ Mr Tipiloura…
  • Young Sydneysiders being forced out of city by housing costs and commutes
    … the jump in new houses would simply rob future generations of home ownership with easy access to work. … WHEN NEELEY Molinaroli first fled Sydney because of soaring house prices she kept waiting to be struck by regret.
  • Commonwealth Bank announces Brisbane back-office jobs 'no longer required'
    The announcement was made on Monday morning that the home loan processing roles would “no longer be required”, with redundancy packages to…
  • Indebted property investors less risk averse
    A new study has found that households with higher levels of debt are more likely to borrow more as house prices rise