Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership March 11, 2018

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Boss of Britain’s Gravity Media John Newton set to be Malcolm Turnbull’s next-door neighbour
    The head of Britains Gravity Media Group, John Newton, is not short of friends within Sydneys top corporate circles,so when the Point Piper house next door to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull came up for sale recently it made sense that he might be an interested buyer….
  • Six steps to move from money stress to financial freedom
    In 2015 Elena Blanco was a single mum with a mortgage, a car loan and enough credit card debt to make her worry. Despite earning a decent salary, Blanco spent her money as fast as she earned it and was left was stressed and overwhelmed as a result. At that point Blanco was among the almost one…
  • ‘A haven for creativity’: The suburb Perth’s top artists call home
    Sought-after areas have one key thing in common they have a definitive personality, a vibe, if you will.
    Whether theyre known for being a a kitsch hipster burb, a laid back coastal town, or perhaps a fast-paced, well-heeled borough (hello Manhattan), they have an indisputable flavour and its usually this character that pulls residents and visitors alike.
    For Mundaring, arts and creativity are harbingers of col…
  • Australians’ interest in Japan driving waves of offshore property investment
    Australians are taking advantage of Japans cheaper property market in droves, with ski towns becoming increasingly popular for investment.
    Experts say the lower entry price for Japanese property compared with Sydney and Melbourneis an attractive proposition for young Australians priced out of domestic markets.
    Sydney wharfie Jake Heaths first entry into real estate was in Japan about 10 years ago, after he worked at Niseko ski resort, about 90 kilometres from…
  • Barefoot Investor: Long-term financial security doesn't come from a short-term getaway fund
    My question is, would it be worth rolling it into the home loan and pay extra on the mortgage? … However, you need to understand that you’re taking a fixed-term five-year loan and spreading it over a 30-year mortgage, which means you’ll pay less per month but will end up paying a lot more in the end!
  • Blankfein prepares to exit Goldman Sachs
    The firm was publicly vilified, and Mr. Blankfein personally chastised in Washington, for its role in the mortgage meltdown. On his watch, Goldman paid $US550 million to the government to settle allegations it had lied to investors about a mortgage bond that later blew up. The financial crisis humbled…
  • Would you live in a Blade Runner city for much cheaper housing?
    It finds zoning rules things like minimum block sizes and height limits have raised Sydney house prices by 73%. The price of an average block of … Do we really get more benefit from a heritage facade and a front yard than we would from 15 years less mortgage? (Personally, I’ve always thought…