Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership March 20, 2018

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • CBA's 'errors' over insurance problems
    It will soon begin refunding $16 million to 140,000 customers who took out personal and home loan protection. It is also dropping its credit card and personal loan products, but will continue selling home loan insurance. The financial services royal commission heard CBA knew in October 2015 the…
  • Shortage of Gold Coast land could impact property market
    The growing shortage of land on the Gold Coast could damage one of Queensland’s fastest growing economies and property markets, according to numerous analysts. While there are large tracts of unimproved land, most of it isn’t really suitable for development, according to Chris Mountford, the…
  • CBA sold junk credit insurance
    ANZ also had its turn in the barrel when counsel assisting Rowena Orr QC suggested that the bank was breaking the law by failing to independently verify financial information on home loan applications received through mortgage brokers. Asked by commissioner Ken Hayne what he should make of…
  • In East Perth, development and a nearby new stadium breathe new life
    East Perth, the former industrial precinct on the outskirts of the CBD, has worked hard over the last few decades to shake off its blue collar past and reinvent itself as a cosmopolitan, inner-city hub.
    Just weeks from being geographically linked via a multimillion-dollar and much anticipated pedestrian walkway, which will join East Perth to the new Optus Stadium, the bridge is expected to pave the way for anew level of activity and development.
    Centred aro…
  • New to Brisbane? How to find an affordable home in Brisbane near the CBD
    At first glance, Brisbanes property market is confusing. While one suburb is hot, the next is in a slump. And while well-located units are in oversupply, there are possibly not enough affordable houses.
    So where do you start if youve just arrived or plan on moving to the city?
    Head for the suburbs
    First off, Brisbane is smaller than Sydney or Melbourne, and that means a well-built suburban house is well within reach, just 10-12 kilometres fr…
  • Melbourne property market: Why pricier properties are an easier sell
    True or false: right now, itseasier to sell a $20 million or even a $40 million house than a $5 million house?
    Of course its false, right? Buyers thin out at this price level, and how many $20 million to $40 million properties can we have anyway?
    The answer is, in fact, true.
    How could this be so? Lets look at the entry level of the prestige market. The $2.5 million to $4 million market is still moving well, with plenty of sto…
  • Young homebuyers on edge as property aide hits the chopping block
    Some of these buyers are working two jobs just to save money for a deposit
  • Shortage of Gold Coast land could impact property market
    Less available land for development could strain affordability