Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership March 27, 2018

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Consumer group wants brokers to be legally bound to act in the interest of their clients
    Choice, the Marrickville-based consumer advocacy group, is calling for all mortgage brokers to be legally required to act in their clients’ best interest. Currently, there is no legal imperative for brokers to prioritise their clients’ interests, although they are not allowed to suggest unsuitable loans, a…
  • Mortgage rates could rise even if the RBA keeps the cash rate on hold
    In a week filled with major news events, including the US Federal Reserve’s benchmark interest rate hike and the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the news that Suncorp Bank would lift its owner-occupier mortgage rate by 0.05 percentage points to a standard rate of 5.6% hardly merits a mention.
  • NAB knew regulatory 'risks were high for months'
    Details of NAB’s home loan bribery scandal, which was raised at the meeting, are revealed in other documents released by the royal commission last night. The rort involved introducers, who get a commission from the bank by referring mortgage customers, and a network of crooked bank managers who…
  • Near-unknown City Beach architectural masterpiece by Iwan Iwanoff up for sale
    Living in the architectural wonder that is Tomich House in City Beach has been a privilege and a joy for renowned Australian fashion designer Liz Davenport….
  • Nine News presenter Amber Sherlock on the bidding war to buy her first house
    What was the best part of home ownership? To be able to make it your own whether it was hanging … Along with the mortgage repayments there were strata fees, water bills, electricity bills, plumbing bills they just kept rolling in! Were you familiar with real estate jargon or did you pick it up as you…
  • Nine News presenter Amber Sherlock on the bidding war to buy her first house
    The TV news anchor has had some tough learnings about home ownership
    What is your strongest memory of your childhood home?
    Our swimming pool it had a fabulous deck with a waterfall you could jump from into the water. It was definitely the highlight of the home. We would come home from school in the height of summer and jump straight in. We spent hours in that pool.
    What do you recall most about buying your first home?</stron…
  • Do you live within Brisbane’s ‘goat cheese curtain’?
    Well-known demographer Bernard Salt believes in a phenomenon called the goat cheese curtain. Its the suburbs where theres a propensity for goat cheese rather than fast food, you see.
    Just like his infamous avocado on toast comment, Salt sure likes a good food metaphor when talking about the property market.
    This time, though, its not about frustrated would-be first home buyers; its about the locations where people will alwa…