Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership March 8, 2018

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • How building more houses can solve Australia's affordability crisis
    There seems to be one practical solution to solve the affordability crisis of Australia’s housing market: build more houses. According to a study by the Grattan Institute, building an extra 50,000 homes annually for the next 10 years could result in house prices being 5-20% lower than they would be…
  • RBA maintains historic low cash rate in March
    Lawless added that despite the decision from the central bank, mortgage rates still linger close to historic lows, particularly for owner-occupiers who are paying down both their interest and principal. “Investors are facing a mortgage rate premium of around 60 basis points, but relative to long-term…
  • Perth off-the-plan apartment market bouncing back, with strong buyer interest
    After almost five years of subdued activity, several of Perths leading developers have cause for optimism in the off-the-plan apartment market, following an upsurge in local buyer interest and activity….
  • Grant Denyer shows off his 27-acre country escape in Bathurst
    He might be one of the busiest men in showbiz but Grant Denyer has found his own sanctuary in the regional NSW town of Bathurst.
    Its a good town, Denyer said. I restore and replenish out there and that sort of gives me the energy to do all the other stuff I do.
    I am a reasonably private person when I am not on television so it has worked well for us, he said. Bathurst is really great, everyone there has been rea…