Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership May 15, 2018

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Canada mortgage professionals in Australia visit
    The group were keen to compare industries as they face regulation discussions
  • Canada mortgage professionals in Australia visit
    Mortgage professionals from Canada have visited Australia to discover the comparisons between the industries in the two countries and to open up…
  • Analyst: Commissions could be reduced
    It also looks at how the Royal Commission questioned possible conflicts of interest between mortgage brokers and customers with the remuneration…
  • Brokers urged to answer online questions
    A former mortgage industry professional is challenging brokers to be more present and available for their customers. The founder of online…
  • The three lies everyone tells themselves when they’re living in Sydney
    Sydneysiders are often accused of being obsessed with house prices, probably because they are.
    There are other thingsthey talk about, of course, and, Im sad to report, they often involve telling almost Trumpian-sized lies. Sadly they tell them so often that through rote theyve become socially acceptable.
    Im sure youll recognise the three biggest and most regularly heard Sydney lies.
    The commute is not that bad
    The f…
  • Inner city apartments under $350,000 for the budget-savvy investor
    Contrary to popular belief, you dont have to spend millions to achieve an attractive investment portfolio in the river city.
    Brisbanes apartment boom has meant there are plenty of stylish homes within walking distance of popular city sights, just ripe for rentals, Airbnb or hotel accommodation.
    Weve found five clever little investments perfect for some extra pocket money or for balancing your books and all for under $350,000.
    <a href=…
  • Victoria’s real estate agents could lose millions thanks to sales contract glitch
    Property sellers could claim back millions of dollars in payments made to their real estate agents after a legal stoush between a vendor and suburban agent exposed a glitch in Victorias sales contracts that may be enormously expensive.
    The Consumer Affairs minister has now stepped in, in an attempt to ensure agents dont lose out on their lucrative commissions.
    The Supreme Court upheld aCounty Court judgment from last August which ruled thatshortened sal…
  • Melbourne’s auction clearance rates at their lowest level in five years
    Auction clearance rates in Melbourne have dipped below 60 per cent for the secondtime this year in a sign the property pendulum has swung in favour of buyers.
    While last weeks clearance rate stands at 60.7 per cent, the previous weeks figures have been revised down to 58.9 per cent.
    It follows a57.7 per cent clearance rate recorded in mid-April, the lowest figure in more than five years, according toDomain Group data that excluded&nbsp…