Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership May 17, 2018

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Millennial homebuyers discuss brokers
    Unlike Dan, she did speak to a mortgage broker but is still facing confusion. … mortgage broker he answered all the right questions but to be honest I still don’t have a lot of knowledge to go the best way around getting a home loan.
  • Millennial homebuyers discuss brokers
    The panel talked about the use of brokers when it came to purchasing property
  • NAB manager joins Pepper after 33 years
    A commercial real estate financier has left NAB to help another home loan … Balzan said, Pepper Property’s first mortgage platform will look to take…
  • The reason behind central bank's efforts to maintain interest rate
    “It correctly blames trends in house prices and household debt on a lack of supply of housing, and not on excessive borrowing. These supply…
  • The $20k-a-year reason Sunnybank’s Asian residents are moving to the inner west
    Sunnybank has long been home to Brisbanes biggest Asian community but that could be on the cusp of changing as well-heeledAsian familiesabandontheirfavourite suburbto be close to prestigious schools in Brisbanes inner west.
    Local agents on both sides of the river said the trend began to emergea couple of years ago, with Asian families moving out of Sunnybank and settling in theinner western suburbs.
    The number of Asian buye…
  • Millennials making major sacrifices to buy their first home, as long as it’s a house
    Millennials arent the frivolous, smashed-avo-on-toast-eating spenders theyre made out to be, and are more than willing to make plenty of sacrifices in the hope of buying into the Australian dream, according to a new survey.
    Gen Y are also turning their backs on apartment living, ditching it in favour of a three-bedroom housewith a backyardand close to work, shops and schools.
    But despite their aspirations Millennials have a significant knowledge gap tha…
  • The must-have features you need in an off-the-plan apartment
    If youve ever been tempted by the glossy marketing brochures and online presentations that come hand-in-hand with new developments, dont take the pretty pictures at face value.
    Its important to know what you do and dont need in your new apartment before committing to an off-the-plan purchase.
    Owner-occupier vs investor
    Buying off-the-plan was once the domain of investors, but theres been a backflip in recent years, with more owner-occu…
  • Simple and stylish ways to update your rental (without losing your bond)
    Styling a rental can feel like decorators purgatory.Its not your forever home, so it might not be worthwhile to invest in drastic changes, but it still needs to feel like your sanctuary. With a little creativity and a keen eye for design, there are a few temporary ways to update your space without compromising your bond….