Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership May 2, 2018

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • The future doesn't look good for millennials
    With this, housing experts now fear that many millennials will be too old to apply for 30-year mortgage by the time they can finally afford the 20% deposit most lenders require, as well as the stamp duty for the property. Also Read: Many millennials are relying on an inheritance to buy homes. For instance…
  • NAB introduces digital signing for broker channel
    He said, By giving brokers the ability to have customers digitally sign their upfront documents, we are making the home loan process simpler, easier, and more convenient. We have eliminated the delays that can come with requiring a physical signature, for example, and we are confident this new tool…
  • Rate hold reaction: 'Prepare for spring hike'
    Homeowners should be prepared for an interest rate rise in late spring, according to Mortgage Choice CEO after yesterday’s (1 May) announcement from … performance in the Australian economy, the unemployment rate falling, business conditions improving, and home loan demand remaining stable.
  • Truganina: There’s new and old and a look at Melbourne’s future
    Dear Google Maps, you just sent me on a gravel road. Its been a while since you led me astray, but hey. I plugged in Truganina. And now Im in the middle of nowhere. Yet, apparently, this is it. This is Number 6 for work in PwCs CityPulse Melbourne Top 10. All I can see is a pet resort….
  • Stratford Lodge Metcalfe: A slice of habitable history for sale, less than 90 minutes from Melbourne
    The art of the sale for heritage property expert Dominic Romeo, of Jellis Craig Macedon, often rests inallowing the story to tell itself and the place to sell itself….
  • Breaking leases badly: What are your rights if you break your lease?
    Sometimes tenants have to move and that means they have to break their leases, but what are their rights? What do Queensland property managers and landlords legally have to do to mitigate losses to the tenant?
    Stories abound about tenancies that ended badly for a huge array of reasons, but on the whole both tenants and landlords take their responsibilities seriously.
    However, there are times when tenants in a break lease situation feel they have been hung out to dry because of b…
  • RBA keeps cash rate untouched for 19th consecutive month
    The low interest rate environment continues to support the Australian economy