Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership May 3, 2018

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Most solar-friendly postcodes found in QLD and WA
    If you own your house you can easily extend your mortgage and it makes a lot of financial sense. It also makes a lot of sense for retirees because if you’re asset rich but income poor you can put money into it and that can give you cheap electricity for many years. The Clean Energy Council’s findings…
  • Mortgage applications are about to get more stringent
    As the government initiates efforts to curb misconduct in the financial sphere, getting a home loan could get tougher as banks are required to tighten up their … Murphy explains the concept of “wealth effect”, a phenomenon which sees Australians spend more money and go out as house prices go up.
  • Loans harder to get as banks clamp down
    Morgan Stanley’s loan tracker shows that investor mortgage growth slowed to around 5 per cent in March and it expects further pressure from new debt to income limits and more focus on responsible lending. David Bailey, chief executive of the Australian Finance Group the nation’s largest broker…
  • Why, despite house prices and traffic woes, Sydney is the only proper world city Australia has
    For a regrettably large number of years I both hated and feared Sydney, with that particular penchant for baseless superiority thats almost unique to Canberrans.
    Each time I drove up the Hume from the little smoke, with its un-Australian cool climate, I would be itching to leave; frightened by the traffic and the narrow road lanes, hate-filled by the humidity and convinced that the air smelled sweeter as soon as I crossed the ACT border.
    Somehow, like a man looking at a z…
  • ‘There was blood, sweat and tears’: The personal renovation by Reds CEO and wife
    To anyone, the prospect of painting the entire exteriorof a Queenslander houseis overwhelming.
    Somehow, Tracey Barker mother-of-five, passionate decorator andwife of Queensland Rugby Union CEO Richard Barkernot only did it on her own, she did it while undergoing chemotherapy for metastatic breast cancer.
    If my oncologist sees this article Ill probably be in trouble, Ms Barker laughs. I probably shouldn…
  • Former Sunshine council building sells for millions over reserve at auction
    Developers fought tooth and nail to secure the old Sunshine municipal office site at auction on Wednesday, in a bidding war that lasted the best part of an hour.
    The dilapidated 60s building went to market with a price guide of $2.3 million to $2.5 million. It sold for $5,581,000 after hundreds of bids from five parties.
    It was absolutely shockin…
  • Mortgage applications are about to get more stringent
    The home loan-dependent Australian economy could suffer withdrawal symptoms
  • What you need to know before you apply for a home loan
    Use these questions to gauge whether you are ready to apply for a mortgage.