Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership May 31, 2016

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • 'Alarming' complacency towards mortgages costing borrowers thousands
    With the average home loan in NSW at $437,100, the higher rate would … He recently refinanced a client with a $390,000 mortgage into a new loan…
  • Riding Highett: the Melbourne suburb finding Bayside status with property values
    Surrounded by blue-ribbon Brighton and Sandringham, Highett has always been a Bayside suburb by location if not by property value.
    The undesirable industrial pockets in the suburb have traditionally led upper-end buyers to skip over its borders, but the once overlooked suburb is now challenging the dominance of its leafy neighbours.
    House prices have grown 34.3 per cent in five years to a median of $884,500, according to Domain Group data, as renovations transform the suburb&rsq…
  • ‘Alarming’ complacency towards mortgages costing borrowers thousands
    The average Australian home owner is thousands of dollars out of pocket, paying an extra 1.75 per cent more interest on their home loan than the lowest available rate, new data shows.
    With the average home loan in NSW at $437,100, the higher rate would cost an extra $5500 over a 25-year loan term that could be avoided, according to financial software company Pocketbooks Home Loan Insights research.
    The analysis of 200,000 users also revealed 90 per cent of Australians do&…
  • Suburbs where house prices soar
    HOMEBUYERS are discovering southern Gold Coast suburbs in droves pushing house prices in areas such as Tallebudgera and Coolangatta to…
  • 5 Minutes With… Justin Wang, Property Investors Alliance
    Justin Wang is managing director of Sydney-based Property Investors … make up of 30% of the home market and 46% of new mortgage commitments.
  • Fintech platform enables consumers to broker loans
    A new fintech platform has launched which enables consumers to broker their own home loan online, but will it replace mortgage brokers?
  • FBAA defends brokers, slams AFR
    The FBAA has also come out in defence of mortgage brokers after an inflammatory article was published in the Australian Financial Review