Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership May 5, 2018

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Mike Cannon-Brookes’ golden touch lands him almost $17 million house sale in Centennial Park
    Tech billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes likely didnt set out to make a motza from the Centennial Park home he bought in 2015, any more than he plannedto become a billionaire in his 30s by writing code for the tech start-up he founded with fellow university student Scott Farquhar….
  • Talking Point: Economic causes of Hobart housing crisis can be addressed, but gently
    Confidence is important, both for supply (e.g. builders being confident they can sell a house for more than it cost to build) and demand (buyers being confident their future income will cover the mortgage, and that house prices won’t drop). All of the above mean that mismatches between demand and…
  • Are you exercising your way out of a home loan?
    Otto Dargan, managing director of mortgage broker Home Loan Experts, said in recent months banks had become “extremely conservative” when …. House prices are already falling in Sydney and Melbourne, with the slump blamed on tougher lending rules for property investors, a wave of new units…
  • RBA warns of credit tightening
    The Reserve Bank has warned that falling house prices and tightening lending standards could lessen the availability of home loans, reducing household … growth at a time of high debt levels, falling house prices, tightening financial conditions, and uncertainty around the actual level of full employment.
  • Why are you giving Uber your house deposit?
    There’s no denying house prices are absurd in most of our capital cities, particularly Sydney and Melbourne, but there comes a time when making … in my mind though over the years is this, a finance peer once said to me, Saving the house deposit is the hard part, paying the mortgage is the easy part..
  • TV host Nicky Buckley puts Bells Beach home up for sale
    Television presenter Nicky Buckley and husband Murray Bingham are set to sell their Bells Beach home.
    The couple bought the property at 205 Jarosite Road in 1996 for $190,000, and built a holiday home on the 4.13 hectare block, before deciding to make a permanent move to the surf coast.
    We fell in love with it and never went back, Buc…
  • Old Nelligen church transformed into a picturesque home
    A home steeped in history and seemingly plucked out of a fairytale, 1 Runnyford Road in the sleepy town of Nelligen on the Clyde River, is sure to whisk you to another world….
  • Blockchain technology tackles fraud
    The system could prevent brokers being caught up in fraudulent home loan applications