Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership November 11, 2018

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • What downturn? Hotel mogul Jerry Schwartz scores $30m on Vaucluse trophy home
    Hotel mogul Jerry Schwartz sold his $30 million waterfront mansion in Vaucluse on Saturday, quelling fears thatprice falls across the broader Sydney marketmighthit Sydneys trophy home owners.
    The sale of the double block, known as Loch Maree, should prove awindfall for Dr Schwartz and his wife Debbie, even with the costs of a recent renovation, given it last traded three years ago for $24 million.
    The Schwartz family are not moving far, having boug…
  • More Australians at risk of homelessness as National Rental Affordability Scheme comes to an end
    Thousands of Australians face homelessness, experts warn, as a key way for them to afford a home comes to an end.
    Owner incentives on more than 36,000 properties that offer discounted rent are drying up as they hit their 10-year limit, with the first subsidies expiring this year.
    People are going to fall off a cliff, theyll go into homelessnessor housing stress in a massive way, saidAndrea Galloway, chief executive of community housing provider E…
  • Sydney’s prestige property market soaks up the boom from top tech echelons
    It isnt just the rich lists that are increasingly dominated by the tech entrepreneurs. Sydneys high-end housing market is also being reshaped by the demands of the top echelons of the technology industry.
    From the $100 million historic estates in Point Piper to site amalgamations in Cronulla, Sydneys property records are a barometer of the industrys property gains.
    Take the beachfront in Clontarf, which despite long struggling to sc…