Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership November 11, 2019

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Building more roads won’t solve congestion in Australian cities: report
    City-dwelling Australians need to end their love affair with private cars and stop building new roads to beat congestion, a new report has found.
    It also downplays the idea of building new roads or expanding existing infrastructure, because new road construction signals to drivers that commuting will be easier so more road users fill the newly created space, which is known as induced demand.
    The Remode, Reprice, Re…
  • The Block 2019: Did the buyers bag a bargain?
    The five buyers of The Block houses at the former Oslo Hotel in Grey Street, St Kilda have bagged a bargain, industry experts say.
    The price per square metre came in much cheaper than what the four buyers paid last year for the apartments in what was the Gatwick Hotel just around the corner in Fitzroy Street.
    The highest price paid per square metre last year was $15,742 for Bianca and Carlas penthouse, compared to $10,343 for Tess and Lukes Grey Street ter…
  • ‘Giving up size for proximity’: Australia’s newly-built houses are the smallest they’ve been in 17 years
    Australias newly built homes are the smallest they have been in 17 years, while new apartments are getting slightly bigger, research shows.
    Homes are now 1.3 per cent smaller than they were a year ago, averaging 228.8 square metres. This is the smallest theyve been since 2001-2002.
    The CommSec Home Size Report released today also revealed that apartments are getting larger with newly built apartments now averaging 128.8 square metres &nd…
  • ‘Why so many sockets?’: $2.42 million UK home comes with hundreds of power points
    An e-scooter chargers dream property has come on the market in Middlesex, England.
    Thefive-bedroom family havenhas an estimated 320 power sockets, but neither the real estate agentsorownerknow why.
    The 1.3 million ($2.42 million) listing does not mention the huge number of scattered power pointsand downlights, simply stating the house has an arrayofmoderninclusions, but theyre …
  • Is it cheaper to buy or rent a home?
    In some suburbs, it is more practical for property seekers to service a mortgage than pay monthly rent
  • Be your clients' 'mortgage doctor'
    Ash Playsted is often asked about mindset, especially when approaching new clients. As he explains, the secret is to abandon the sales rep mentality…
  • Everything you need to know about House Rules
    They received a full mortgage payment worth $460,000. The second season started airing on 30 April 2014 and ended on 6 July 2014. The winners…