Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership November 19, 2017

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Empty Melbourne properties should be offered to low-income tenants, advocates say
    Four years ago, personal trainer Frank became a novice property investor.
    After talkingto a financial adviser about where to invest his savings, he and his wife decidedto buy an apartment. But instead of finding a mainstream real estate agency, they joined the National Rental Affordability Scheme.
    The couplenow own a unitin Altona and Travancore, both of which are rented to tenants on low incomes.
    We had one couple that came in that ha…
  • Sale of apartment owned by monk who disappeared overseas sets legal precedent
    A Sydney unit owner who became a monk, renounced all his earthly possessions and vanished to Malaysia has ended up doing all NSW apartment owners a huge favour.
    His Darlinghurst buildings owners corporation spent 12 years and over $60,000 trying to track him down to force him to pay his amassed strata levies totalling more than $280,000.
    But finally they won a Supreme Court battle for the right to sell his apartment to recoup his debts with a ruling that has set a…
  • You can buy an entire hamlet in the south of France for just over $500,000
    One glance at Australias property prices can makeit very tempting to dream up a new life overseaswhere the grass is greener and the houses much cheaper.
    For example: in the south of France an entire hamlet has come up for sale which includesfour houses, two barns, 2.4 hectares of land and a stream.
    In the Aveyroncounty,90 minutes from bothToulouseand the Mediterranean…
  • What to do when capital gains tax paperwork becomes a 'nightmare'
    We own our residence valued at about $600,000 and have an investment property worth about $500,000 with a $290,000 mortgage. Mortgage repayments are about $750 per fortnight. Our daughter with two nine year olds, and little income, is paying $300 per week rent. We are happy for the daughter…
  • Queenslanders paying 35 per cent more on bills while income only rose 19 per cent in same time
    The fear of mortgage rates rising next year is worrying people, too. The average spent on regular bills each month is $2261, from an average household income of $7389. More than a third of Queenslanders have gone without a holiday to cover their bills and expenses, and one in six has even cut back…
  • Local family outbid Sydney buyer for $850,000 Camp Hill home
    When 3 Grant Street, Camp Hill, went on the market, the very first family to walk throughits doors would end up being the last to bid on auction day.
    Chad and Melissa Moyles had to have the three-bedroom cottagethe moment they saw it.
    We like the way it looks from the street too, and we thought wed get it for a reasonable price, which we did, Mr Moyles …