Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership November 19, 2019

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Sydney’s most affordable and liveable suburbs revealed
    Living in one of Sydneys most liveable neighbourhoods does not come cheap.
    With suburbs across the lower north shore, inner city and eastern suburbs dominating the top spots in the recently released Domain Liveable Sydney study, buying into a highly liveable suburb generally comes with a highly inconvenient price tag.
    Sydneys most liveable suburbs are typically its most expensive and out of reach for many, says report co-author Daniel Terrill of Deloitte A…
  • Deepdale Farm, the luxurious holiday home in rural Western Australia with a convict past
    Eyes will widen and jaws will drop upon entering the gated property called Deepdale Farm near Toodyay in rural Western Australia.
    The lifestyle property, a 90-minute drive north-east of Perth, boasts manicured lawns, patchwork hills, fragrant gardens, quirky larger-than-life sculptures, cute farm animals, and a homestead thats not your typical country abode.
    The four-bedroom, four-bathroom main farmhouse was carefully renovated by award-winning architects and designers in…
  • Melbourne’s most affordable and liveable suburbs 2019 revealed
    As Melbournes house prices start to tick back up, buyers (particularly first-home buyers) couldnt be blamed for feeling more than a little disheartened.
    The amenity-packed inner suburbs are certainly too expensive, and the only affordable places are on the citys fringe where there are barely any trains, let alone a decent cafe scene, right?
    Not necessarily. The recent Domain Liveable Melbou…
  • These are Brisbane’s most liveable suburbs south of the river
    If you are deciding whether to reside north or south of the Brisbane River, theres no two ways about it. Go south. Every time….
  • Corporate watchdog moves to firm up 'fuzzy' responsible lending laws
    He also noted loans to a company or individuals for predominantly business purposes (even if secured by a mortgage), weren’t subject to the laws.
  • Don't blame ASIC for weak economy: ASIC's Hughes John DurieFollow @John_Durie
    If you take a $500,000 mortgage and use $300,000 for your business the loan does not fall within the guidelines, which is not to say the banks can sell…
  • 'Need to know' before you refinance
    That will attract mortgage insurance. So, the bigger the deposit, the more choice you have with which banks to apply to, she explains. Once you go to…
  • Here's why CBA reckons house prices are about to surge
    Australia is known as a sport loving nation, but forget about rugby, swimming or cricket I reckon watching property prices is our favourite national…