Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership November 20, 2017

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • 'Liar loans' are a major threat to household stability
    Due to increasingly strained affordability, many aspiring homeowners are tempted to stretch the truth to secure a mortgage on their dream property. However, this practice could have devastating consequences, says Maria Yanotti, lecturer of economics and finance at the Tasmanian School of Business…
  • Despite challenges, investors remain bullish
    Despite tightened lending conditions, the prospect of price bubbles, and pockets of oversupply, Australia’s property investors remain bullish about the long-term benefits of … In fact, there are still middle-ring suburbs which boast median house prices of $500,000 or less in the Brisbane City Council area.
  • Housing prices may be high but ACT has too many dwellings, not too few
    One of Australia’s great mysteries is how and why house prices became so high. A common explanation is that housing supply has just not kept up with demand as strong population growth in the capital cities and a lack of land release combine to drive up prices. We decided to test this hypothesis by…
  • Five of the best homes in Brisbane’s best school catchments
    School catchment zones are all the rage, as just about any real estate will tell you particularly if theyve got a good one in their patch.
    In Brisbane, the top two catchments are Mansfield High and Brisbane State High.
    The two schools are held in the same esteem as some of Brisbanes best private high schools and can add thousands in value to a home.
    27 Lockh…
  • Paul Keating's Minsky moment prediction rings true among economists
    But trying to pin down the conclusion of a long cycle is “very hard”. “The Australian household sector is a microcosm of this global trend. We’ve seen a huge increase in household debt for housing, a huge increase in house prices. Fundamentally, people can carry more debt because interest rates are…
  • Cashed-up Baby Boomers dominating Melbourne’s heavily stocked auction weekends
    Cashed-up Baby Boomers helped to lift sale prices at auctions in Melbournes inner and middle-ring suburbs at the weekend.
    There were also signs of improvement in the inner-east auction market, which has underperformed in comparison to the north, south and west of the city on many weekends since mid-year.

    On Saturday, a two-bedroom apartment in Port Melbourne with excellent views of Port Phillip Bay shot $452,000 above reserve to sell for $2.852 million. At …

  • Rush of Sydney spring listings widens the gap between inner and outer suburbs
    Sydneys spring rush of real estate listings is handing greater choice and more negotiating power to buyers of mid-market family homes, especially in the $1 million to $2 million price bracket.
    But market observers say most higher-priced properties in gentrified areas are outperforming the well-supplied family home market in the middle-ring and outer suburbs.

    Real Estate Institute of NSW president John Cunningham said there had been a substantial increase in…

  • ‘Liar loans’ are a major threat to household stability
    An academic has drawn comparisons between Australias liar loans crisis and the subprime mortgage crisis in the United States