Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership November 26, 2016

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Apartment of the Week: Harbour views to die for
    Apartment of the Week has visited Milson Road in Cremorne Point twice this year and both times nearly crashed into the back of a parked car. Its a consequence of too much gawping at the gorgeous real estate that lines both sides of the road: the fairytale turrets and gables, the bay windows, the curved balconies and the decorative timber work, the leadlight windows and the Federation Arts and Crafts aesthetics with elements of Art Nouveau….
  • Beyond Sydney: A couple fall in love with the NSW South Coast
    WhenPeter and Hilary Osborn sold their Melbourne engineering business they were looking for something to do.
    Being a man who loves to design and construct, Peter thought building a yacht for himand Hilary to sail around in might be a fun project.
    What he didnt know was their visits to the construction site at Jervis Bay on the NSW South Coast would introduce the couple toan area they would fall in love with, making them up sticks from Victoria and build …
  • Tower wars: Melbourne penthouses compete to attract buyers
    As apartment towersspring up,thepenthouse once the ultimate property power symbol is makinga comeback as a trophy home, revealingaconfidence in theprestige marketnotseen since before the GFC.
    But as the towers go up, levels of luxury haverisen too; and that meansmore competition between developers to attract top-tier buyers.
    Among a flood of listings signalling the penthouses rena…
  • SMSFs warned against race to sell property
    Self-managed super funds are scrabbling to sell property ahead of tax changes due to take effect on July 1.