Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership November 28, 2016

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Meet Ken. He has sold off big slabs Montmorency over the past 38 years
    When Ken Goodison first moved to Montmorency, he lived on aseven-and-a-half acre block. Now, after 38 years, hes on a much smaller patch of land.
    Hes spent the large part of his almost four decades carving slabs of his estate off and the latest offering is his tennis court.
    The 76-year-old could be described as the patriarch of the area. He even hireda contractor to build two entire courts Wooded Way and Ryrie Court on what was…
  • Joint mortgage applications on the rise
    The latest data indicates that the number of mortgage applications with two or more applicants is increasing, from 64% in 2014 to 67% in 2016
  • Westpac increases interest rates on its mortgage loans
    Westpac is the first major bank to increase interest rates on its fixed-rate home loans and investment loans; market analysts expect the other banks to follow suit