Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership November 30, 2017

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Desert change: Amy’s new life on a remote outback property
    While theoutback holds a specialplace in many Australian hearts, there would be few city dwellers keen to trade urban comforts for life on a remote outback property….
  • First-home buyers slash expectations on what parts of a home are ‘essential’, Westpac research finds
    First-home buyers have slashed their standards on what elements of a home are essential, including area, budget and future investment potential, new Westpac research shows.
    The group is making sacrifices across every category when choosing an area to buy, according to the September survey of 936 home owners and 111 first-home buyers, including safety, proximity to work, access to public transport, and proximity to family and friends.
    When asked if their first house…
  • Down and up? Place your bets on house prices and interest rates
    Next Tuesday presents the last opportunity this year for the Reserve Bank to provide some insight into the outlook for interest rates next year – having already told us they won’t be changed in 2017. The big interest rate punt is now whether the RBA will move the rate up in 2018, or whether it will need to…
  • Commonwealth Bank looks to toughen its lending policies
    CBA is expected to launch a postcode blacklist where the maximum loan-to-value ratio without lenders’ mortgage insurance (LMI) will be lowered from 80% to 70%. The amount of rental income and negative gearing that will be eligible for servicing will also be reduced. Bank of Mum and Dad mortgage…
  • Five suburbs, equal distance to the city, and how they measure up
    Travel seven kilometres out of Brisbanes CBD and, depending on whether you heard north, south, east or west, one things for certain: the suburbs dont look or cost the same.
    The same distance from the city does not guarantee you the same type of house, prices, amenities or public transport options.
    Some are heavily-contested first home buyer hotspots, while others are long-standing blue chip havens favoured by the very wealthy.
    Each pos…
  • Non-major slashes interest rates
    The changes will affect a variety of fixed and variable rate home loan products to bring the bank in line with current market conditions