Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership November 7, 2016

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • There’s no place like a “builder’s own home”
    Builders own home is a price-boosting come-on in the copy of any residential advert.
    It implies much about maximised quality, detailing and multiple extras that an industry insider would instinctively add to any place they plan to inhabit and well, because they can.
    As 46-year-old builder-developer John Baloukeserlisleads the way through his familys brand new Toorak home that could be advertised as…
  • Home loan borrowers admit they are pushed to the limit
    FINANCIALLY-stretched home loan customers concede it’s a struggle to meet their mortgage repayments and many admit they’re sacrificing their…
  • Smaller lenders grab share amid slowdown
    The big banks flagged recently that home loan lending had been slowed … Mortgage Choice chief executive John Flavell said the non-major banks…
  • An exclusive suburb rises from formerly derelict bushland
    The Ponds, a new suburb located 40 km from Sydneys CBD, has become a property investment hotspot; the median house price now inches close to $1 million
  • iSelect trials three-hour digital home loan
    ASX-listed iSelect is trialling a new digital home loan process that lets home buyers get conditional approval for a home loan in three hours from…
  • Sea Patrol producers selling beloved Mission Beach penthouse
    Ahunt for the perfect location to film hit TV show Sea Patrol led Hal and Di McElroy to buying a home in North Queensland.
    It turned out to be a marvellously magical moment, McElroy says.
    Mission Beach ticked all their production boxes: close to Cairns, they could find accommodation for 160 cast and crew members, and importantly had sheltered-enough water thanks to nearby Dunk Island for them to film the show.
    We shot he…
  • Drug rehab clinic in talks to buy Ronald McDonald House site in Perth
    A drug rehabilitation program with a looming deadline to close its doors is in talks to securenew premises in Subiaco at Perths original Ronald McDonald House….