Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership October 11, 2018

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Canberra renters continue to be slogged with highest house rents in nation: Domain report
    House renters in Canberra continue to pay the equal highest rentin the nation.
    Domains latest State of the Market Rental Report for September quarter shows the median weekly asking rents for houses remains unchanged in Canberra over the quarter at $550.
    Canberra weekly asking rent for houses is on par withthose in Sydney, with both cities paying the equal highest rents across the country. However, rents in Sydney have experienced no growth over the pa…
  • Melbourne‚Äôs rental market shows signs of a slowdown: Domain report
    Renters and those in the marketare in luck: prices across the city have remained static and even fallen in some areas, a new report shows.
    The biggest quarterly price falls have been for units in the inner east by $15 a week and $10 a week for houses in the inner city and outer eastern suburbs, according to the latest quarterly Domain Rental Report, released on Thursday.
    Year on year, median rents were still rising across the city, but the amount of growth was slowing in l…
  • Sydney rent prices drop by up to 9 per cent in year, Domain report shows
    Rent prices in some pockets of Sydney have dropped by almost 10 per cent in the past year, meaning renters can shop around for a good deal as stocks hit thehighest levels on record.
    The lower north shore has had the biggest slide, with median weekly rents down $100 to $1000 over the past year, according to the latest quarterlyDomain Rental Reportreleased on Thursday.
    The 9.1 per cent fall is the steepest since Domain records began in 2004.
    Across the cit…
  • Renting in Brisbane: Rents remain flat, with no growth for investors for years to come
    For the Brisbane rental market, theres good news all round. If youre a renter, congratulations; rents for both houses and units are flat, again….
  • Household financial confidence trashed again
    Looking across our property segments, both property investors and owner … Finally, despite the attractor mortgage rates on offer from the banks…
  • The five things that could stop you from getting a home loan
    The latest statistics from HashChing revealed that 41 per cent of mortgage brokers believe a quarter of all home-owners given mortgages last year…
  • Home loan defaults more likely to jump in outer suburbs, warns Moody's
    The ratings agency analysed residential mortgage-backed securities to find out … “These factors increase the likelihood of mortgage delinquencies and … arrears within 5 kilometres of the Melbourne CBD held by property investors.