Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership October 12, 2016

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Survey: lending to housing investors may be accelerating
    The survey polled 1,228 Australians who’d taken out a residential mortgage over the last 2 years, dividing them into what UBS calls the 2015 vintage…
  • The types of properties that the banks would prefer not to lend money for
    But mortgage lending is a crucial part of how banks make money and …. square-metres may be declined a home loan, however, sometimes lending…
  • The types of properties that the banks would prefer not to lend money for
    No one wants to buy a real estate dud. And in the game of buying bricks and mortar, some properties are a safer bet than others.
    To spot a property lemon, its a good idea to look at the attitudes of the people stumping up the money for them: the banks. Its in a banks best interest to make sure an investment wont go belly up.
    Its not really you and me buying the property, its the bank, Starr Partners chief executive Doug Dri…
  • The extreme solution to living harmoniously in an apartment building? Hand out strata licences
    I live in a nice building nice enough for it to proclaim itself one of the best in Sydney but not quite nice enough to actually deserve the accolade.
    As you would expect,most of the people in this building are also nice, notwithstanding its share of noisy drunks, interfering busybodies, power-hungry control freaks, slackers and slobs (any or all of whom might be me).
    Even so, we have some residents who refuse to abide by any rules. Forget by-laws, Im talking…
  • Who gets the house when you die?
    This is regardless of who the main contributor to the deposit or the mortgage is. For example, in a joint tenancy, one partner may start earning more…
  • Chinese demand for Australian property holding up: HSBC
    … seen as a potential risk to house prices in some markets, especially inner-city apartments in Sydney and Melbourne. …. In Australia, it is relatively small in mortgage lending and has a loan book of about $10 billion, … dipped 3 per cent in August, but lending to property investors edged up 0.1 per cent.
  • ABS releases figures on new home loans
    The number of loans to homebuyers declined in August 2016, although lending to households building or purchasing new homes improved slightly
  • Property danger zones back in spotlight
    A number of at-risk suburbs have been released, shedding light on where higher mortgage deposits are required