Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership October 15, 2018

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • ‘It’s a strange market’: Middle ring faces price pressure at weekend auctions
    Dozens of properties in Melbournes middle-ring suburbs are under downward price pressure because of flat levels of buyer demand, real estate agents say.
    The price-sensitive middle ring, 10-20 kilometres from the city, underperformed at the weekend a trend reflected in the lacklustre weekend auction clearance rate of 49.1 per cent from 609 auctions reported to the Domain Group.
    In Glen Waverley, 12 auctions were scheduled on Saturday, but it was a har…
  • Properties in prized pockets perform well at weekend auctions as vendors ‘stick to their guns’
    Property sellers held out for their asking prices at Sydneys weekend auctions and, in prized pockets of the city, many got what they wanted.
    But, with the weekend auction clearance rate sinking to 49.6 per cent from 304 reported auctions, its clear that some buyers think they can snare a better deal by not bidding at auctions and negotiating to buy passed-in properties.
    Even so, in-demand areas fared relatively well on Saturday.
    In North Bondi, Phill…
  • Five questions to ask yourself before selling an investment property
    Novice and experienced investors alike may find themselves agonising occasionally over the right time to sell an investment property.
    Its one of the hardest property decisions an investor will have tomake, but getting it right can mean realising hundreds of thousands of dollars of profit.
    On the other hand, getting it wrong can be a regretful decision that will set youback.
    Many factors affect whether selling an investment property is a good idea, but a…
  • Tougher times for savers ahead
    For owner-occupiers who still have a mortgage, low interest rates still provide a unique opportunity for those who resist the temptation to increase their…
  • Labor spend big on properties before tax breaks cut
    LABOR’S public policy might be to slash negative gearing for property investors but privately many of its MPs are furiously buying houses.