Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership October 18, 2017

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Strong price growth areas in regional Oz
    Had aspiring property investors expanded their search beyond the capital cities and high-profile council areas, they would have been able to enter the…
  • There are now no suburbs left in Sydney with a median house price under $500,000
    Sydney has surpassed another affordability milestone. There are now no suburbs with a median house price under $500,000.
    Five years ago, Sydney was home to 159 suburbs with median house prices of less than half a million dollars.
    But these have been dropping off at ever-increasing rates, Domain Group data shows.
    In March there we…
  • Clifton Hill: The inner-city spot where hipsters feared to tread, until maybe now
    Yeah, nah. Its probably how every hipster in town responds to the words Clifton Hill. Its just not that kind of suburb.
    Yet its surrounded by Melbournes hipster heartland: Collingwood (Clifton Hill was actually once called East Collingwood), Fitzroy North, Fitzroy and Northcote. Theyre all a tram or train stop away. So how exactly did this burb remain hipster free, and will that change?
    I as…
  • Lending conditions are tight, so what’s the ideal settlement period in Queensland?
    Property settlement time frames can be one of those elements of a transaction that are often overlooked.
    But is there such a thing as an ideal settlement period in Queensland and what about during times of tighter lending environments such as today?
    Hot Property Buyers Agencys Zoran Solano said that settlement periods could be a useful negotiation tool,especially if the seller needed more time to find somewhere else to live.
    Thirty days is the standard…
  • 'Significant decline' in interest-only loans
    According to Mortgage Choice’s latest home loan approval data, the proportion of interest-only loans written by the brokerage dropped from 35.95 per…