Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership October 25, 2017

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • First-home buyer activity rises in NSW and VIC
    The surge in first-home buyer activity has not resulted in a boost in house prices, and due to lower interest rates, many are finding it easier to pay off a…
  • Canterbury: the battler suburb luring Sydney’s ‘inner west trendies’
    For decades, it was south-western Sydneys quintessential Aussie-battler suburb: an area populated by post-WWII immigrants and the spiritual home of the Bulldogs football team.
    But in the past two years, Canterbury has emerged as one of the fastest-changing suburbs in Greater Sydney, thanks in part to the gentrification of neighbouring areas such as Dulwich Hill.
    Theres definitely been a shift in recent years, says Manuel Roussakis, an agent at Ray Whi…
  • Instability in Sydney’s rental market ‘triggering high level of tenant turnover’
    A third of rental bonds lodged in the past year in NSW were not due to growth in the rental market but because of tenant turnover or churn, new data shows. Experts warn the high level of turnover is due to instability in Sydneys rental market and is making it harder to keep a lid on rent prices….
  • House prices booming
    Melbourne’s south-west region stretching from Williamstown to Wyndham Vale has recorded Australia’s fastest property price growth, according to…
  • Melbourne median house price closing gap on Sydney: report
    QBE Lenders Mortgage Insurance chief executive Phil White said the … The dream Australians have around home ownership the quarter acre block … Survey expected Melbourne house prices to increase 8.6 per cent this year,…
  • How 26-year-old Kathleen got on the property ladder for less than $100
    Kathleen Sawyer had been working six days a week, including weekend overtime, when she nearly gave up on her dream of home ownership.
    The determined 26-year-old from Kallangur, in Brisbanes northern suburbs, spent two years putting money away earned from her job as an advanced assistant in aged-care nursing.
    But every time she thought she had saved enough, the market had moved.
    I had gone to the bank and theyd advised me how much Id need to sav…