Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership October 29, 2017

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Sydney home buyers flocking to last affordable enclave the Central Coast
    When DamianPasternakand Danielli Paivawere deciding where to buy their first home, they quickly realised theupper northshoresuburb of Roseville, where they arerenting, was not an option. Instead, they started looking a further 50 kilometres north along the Central Coast.
    [The decision was] mainly price-driven. Sydney is tooexpensive at the moment, MrPasternaksaid.
    The couple hadoriginally lived on th…
  • The Block 2017: Auction orders could make or break the contestants
    Pass the popcorn. Its crunch time on The Block.
    With the grand finale fast approaching, the 10 contestants are preparing for their beloved reno projects to face the property markets ultimate test anauction.
    But does it matter who goes first or last? Is it better to be auctioned toward the end because buyers are more desperate? Or is it completely irrelevant?
    It should benotedthat theresults will, obviously,…
  • How to get back into the property market after divorce
    … explains the best way back to home ownership after a divorce settlement. … I am at the point of trying to get a home loan/pre-approval. … (and will save you from one of the biggest rip-offs in finance: lenders’ mortgage insurance).
  • Diary of a first home buyer, week 6: Home sweet tax shelter
    House prices go up 10 per cent? … If my rental costs do not cover my mortgage and other costs, I’ll be able to claim any difference … superannuation was, if it just kept me out of the home ownership market for longer and denied me…