Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership October 3, 2017

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Melbourne and Hobart overtake Sydney
    We’re still seeing more than half of mortgage demand in Sydney is investment based, whereas in every other state we are seeing investors…
  • Mordialloc and Parkdale see their stocks rise as more Melburnians discover their potential
    Do we now need to a new phrase to brand a trend of reverse property aspiration?
    With an increasing push of residents of Brighton once the Baysides indicative address of having made it moving down the coast to Parkdale and Mordialloc, something odd is happening.
    De-aspiration? A voluntary slide south on the social ladder? Leaning down?
    At very least, and as Buxton Mentones Matthew Cox confirms, with newcom…
  • Canberra house prices show steady growth as Sydney values fall
    Canberra house prices continue to show steady growth despite a concerns over unit oversupply in the market. The latest CoreLogic Home Value…
  • Housing costs force age pensioners into poverty
    Queensland couples who rely on the age pension and rent in the private market are at the greatest risk of living in poverty compared to other seniors, according to a new report.
    The Queensland Council of Social Services (QCOSS) latest Cost of Living Report painted a bleak picture of life for Queenslands senior citizens, some of whom have found themselves with as little as $8 left over every week and living in fear of being being evicted from their rental home.
    It a…
  • Sydney house prices finally start to slip – have sellers left their run too late?
    CoreLogic, which monitors house prices, noted that across the Sydney … investor demand may trend lower due to higher mortgage rates and tighter…
  • You need a six-figure income to buy a home
    In four of Australias capital cities, you need to be earning above average annual household incomes to enter the property market