Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership October 31, 2016

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Cup holiday distractions no barrier to hot Melbourne auction market
    Home buyers remained active over the Cup holiday weekend with the Melbourne auction market recording another robust result despite the usually low number of properties auctioned.
    Melbourne recorded a clearance rate of 78.3 per cent on Saturday which, although down on the previous weekends 83.7 per cent result, was significantly higher than the 66.3 per cent recorded over the same holiday weekend last year.
    While auction numbers have been well down this spring compared to …
  • More listings but Sydney auction market still red hot
    A significant jump in auction numbers this weekend failed to dampen clearance rates with the Sydney auction market producing yet another boom-time result.
    Sydney recorded a clearance rate of 81.4 per cent at the weekend, which although below last weekends stunning 84.4 per cent, was another strong result for sellers. The market continues to track well ahead of last springs rates when a clearance rate of66.3 per cent was reported over the same weekend.
  • Before remortgaging, check fees to make it worthwhile
    John Flavell, chief executive officer of Mortgage Choice, encourages property buyers to shop around for the best rates and terms. Property investors…
  • Why buying a home right now may not be the smartest move
    According to a renowned expert, market forces and the cyclical nature of house prices makes now an inopportune time to buy a home
  • Mortgage brokers face crackdown on commissions
    Mortgage brokers across Australia may be forced to relinquish lucrative … When mortgage brokers generate home loan business for the banks, they…
  • Housing affordability: mortgage insurance a fair go or a rip-off?
    Peter Jansen is spokesman for the Property Owners and the Ratepayers Association of the ACT. TT: It seems to me there has been much talk, in the…
  • The downside to the bank of mum and dad
    As house prices soar, especially in Melbourne and Sydney, a growing band of first-time buyers are turning to their … A parental transfer of that magnitude lifted the home ownership rates of beneficiaries aged between 25-65 years by…