Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership September 15, 2016

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • 7 in 10 investors set to use a broker for their next loan
    Seventy-one per cent of residential investors plan to source their next investment loan through a broker according to a new survey as confidence in the Australian property market grows
  • ‘I spent far too much on my renovation': How to avoid overcapitalising on your property
    Professional renovator Cherie Barber admits she made a few mistakes on her early renovation projects, including buying her first property on a six-lane highway when she was an inexperienced 21-year-old. I couldnt live in the house, she says. It was too noisy, so I did a very quick cosmetic spruce-up of the house to get out….
  • In Ballarat, a new gold rush for property as investors and first timers circle
    Given its reputation for bone-chilling winter cold between10 and11 degrees from June to Augustin property terms, Ballarat is hot.
    Bruce Trengove, who just moved into a picturesque Federation weatherboard, for which they paid a shade over $400,000, says real estate is so buyer friendly that if I was a young married couple, or a first home buyer, Id head straight up here.
    Ballarat is not a housing estate. It&r…
  • ASIC hails home loan blitz
    BANKS have tightened up on interest-only home loan approvals following … The commission says it wants mortgage brokers in particular to improve…
  • House sells for less than $100,000 in Rockhampton
    One of Queenslands cheapest houses has sold for less than $100,000 in Rockhampton.
    The sale shows the continued dive in house prices since the resource downturn hit the region between 2007 and 2008.
    Rockhamptons median house price is $313,750, which slumped 8.4 per cent since last year, according to Domain Group data.
    The three-bedroom house in the towns centre attracted huge interest when it was posted on the real estate agencys Facebook page …
  • Chinese house prices aren't in a bubble, they're about to boom
    New mortgage debt surged by 112% year-on-year in the first half of 2016, accounting for 32% of all new loans issued. It now stands at 16.9 trillion…
  • China has mortgage issues, not a property bubble
    Whether China has a property bubble is an academic debate. The bottom line is the odds for a prolonged property slump are low on the back of…
  • Risky interest-only loans stage a comeback despite crackdown
    “There is no doubt banks and regulators have moved to cut back on interest-only mortgage use,” said Mr North. “But the increase in investor lending…
  • Fintech platform secures $16.5m investment from Westpac
    Major bank Westpac has made a significant investment in uno, a fintech platform which helps consumers to broker their own home loan online.
  • Aussie nominates Queensland as key target for expansion
    Major mortgage broking franchise Aussie Home Loans expects to generate in excess of an additional $300m in home loan settlements for the 2017 financial year after increasing its retail presence in Queensland