Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership September 18, 2016

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Centennial Park mansion of David and Skye Leckie passes in at auction for $10.5 million
    The Centennial Park mansion of former Seven Media chief David Leckie and his wife Skye was passed in on a vendor bid of$10.5 million at auctionon Saturday.
    It finished off an unsuccessful day in the real estate marketfor power couple, who had earlier missed out on buying an apartment in Woollahra for one of their sons.
    The agent, Ben Collier from McGrath,returned to the Centennial Park trophyhome,Lactura,later in the day to keepneg…
  • Mount Macedon mansion Sefton for sale, and with it a piece of Victorian history
    In the peak-of-spring flush that brings the best of Mt Macedons available properties onto the market, Sefton is undoubtedly this seasons star attraction.
    And with a price that will potentially make it one of the mountains priciest properties, it would want to be.
    With 20 bedrooms admittedly housed in three buildings on the 8.8 hectares of Botanic Garden-like grounds …
  • Nicole helps: get a mortgage discount from the Commonwealth Bank
    You wrote recently that the Big 4 banks might say they charge 5.25 per cent on their mortgages, but “they’re really charging 4.47 per cent on many…