Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership September 2, 2018

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Blue Mountains Council faced with apartment balancing act as population grows
    The Blue Mountains may be on Sydneys fringesbut not even a bushfire-prone, world-heritage site 62 kilometres west of the CBDis immune to development pressures.
    As Sydneys housing affordability problem pushes residents further out, the Blue Mountains City Councilis faced with finding a balance betweendelivering more housing while staving off unprecedented development.
    Its population is expected to grow from 79,000 to 83,000 by 2021 and …
  • Melbourne auctions: First day of spring selling period offers mixed results
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    It was a slow and wet start to the spring selling season on Saturday in Melbourne, with anxious buyers holding back at auctions across the city.Rather than risk slipping into potentially costly bidding wars, house hunters watched mutely as property after property passed in.
    The lack of urgency from buyers offers littl…

  • Family forks out $3.98 million for knock-down house in North Willoughby
    Sydneys spring selling season got off to a cracker start on Saturday morning with a rundown home onthe citys lower north shore selling for $1.53 million abovereserve.
    More than 100 people turned out for the auction of the deceased estate in North Willoughby,one ofabout 550 Sydney properties scheduledtogo under the hammer on Saturday.
    Despite 10 hopeful buyersregistering to bid on the four-bedroom house at<a href…
  • Desperately seeking different: The tree change with personality
    A couple relocating their lives after retirement from the Blue Mountains to the Dandenong Ranges to be closer to family gave architectSven Maxa a fulsome wish list for the house they want to build on land theyve found amongthe mountain ash.
    They request a durable, sympathetic property and retention of as much existing vegetation as possible. They want bushfire resistance, high-energy performance and like the idea of Colorbond, because they love its curves.
  • Spring property season kicks off under a cloud
    One side effect of tighter assessment criteria is so-called mortgage prisons, where borrowers are unable … It affects those who can least afford it, and it has almost stalled the home loan refinance market, he said. … It comes after CoreLogic data for July showed national house prices falling for the 10th…
  • Investor housing credit shows signs of life
    The impact of stricter home loan standards was actually apparent in the recent private sector credit report of the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA).
  • More home loan hikes coming
    Households are bracing for a new round of home loan rate hikes after … to falling house prices, push households further into mortgage stress and stifle…
  • Suncorp follows Westpac rates lead
    Households are bracing for accelerating home-loan rate hikes after Suncorp followed Westpac’s move by announcing its second mortgage rate…