Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership September 20, 2017

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Take the fast train to serenity with an unusual Nimbin property
    Living in a train carriage might not be for everyone but for Mick Davis its nothing out of the ordinary.
    He has lived in one of the three traincarriages on his property outside of Nimbin for seven years and doesnt bat an eyelid. Hes got everything he needs:afridge, a microwaveandFoxtel.
    The Hitachi model carriages 106M, 108M and…
  • Home makeover before selling: This is when to stop
    When making over a property for sale, the main aim of the owner is to spruce the place up to get the highest possible return. While they may start out only wanting to update a few small things, as relevant questions are raised, more jobs are often added to the renovation bucket list….
  • A lot rides on how Sydneysiders react when the housing boom ends
    Even if house prices plateau rather than fall, a reduction in the turnover of properties means less stamp duty will flow into the NSW coffers. Transfer…
  • Land: The most valuable four-letter word in the property industry
    Properties with excellent redevelopment potential have been solid gold investments in many parts of Melbourne and Sydney for the past decade and theyre poised to do even better in the next 10 years.
    Its easy to see why. Residential land values are escalating at a significantly faster rate than building costs.
    Australias low-inflation environment is the driving factor that keeping building costs reasonably stable. Low building costs, in tur…
  • Things are getting bigger in sleepy Hampton, but are they getting better?
    I reckon its tough to live in Hampton. Especially if youre the envious type. You have reminders of your fancy neighbour, Brighton, everywhere. Down the main drag of Hampton Street, where theres a seemingly never-ending row of shops, the cars shout out to pedestrians: Lexus Brighton and Mercedes-Benz Brighton. Its all Brighton this, Brighton that….
  • Pepper Money's big plans for 2018
    Mario Rehayem expected 2017 to be a turbulent year for the mortgage industry, … Since Pepper opened its doors in 2000, it’s been providing mortgage … match their customer with the most appropriate Pepper home loan product,…
  • US Fed prepares to wind down GFC stimulus measures
    The central bank is likely to announce today it will start slowly shrinking its $US4.2 trillion ($5.2 trillion) portfolio of mortgage and Treasury bonds…
  • Non-major bank decreases trail
    Non-major lender Macquarie Bank has announced an decreases trail commission and a reduced clawback period to all new home loan products.
  • Next Generation of Banknotes: $10 Enters General Circulation
    The new $10 banknote enters general circulation tomorrow, and follows the release of the new $5 banknote last year.
  • Broking franchise names new GM
    The incoming general manager has been tasked to help the firm be the best home loan provider on the planet