Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership September 21, 2017

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Historic Ashton House sells for $20 million to Elizabeth Bay neighbour
    The Elizabeth Bay trophy home Ashton House has sold for $20 million, smashing the local non-waterfront house price record by $5 million.
    The sale result is almost double the $10.75 million thatretired car dealer Ray Harris and his interior designer wife Robyn paid for the 1870-era residence in 2009.
    Sources say a couple approached the Harris family to buy their historic residence with a local agent rumoured to be involved in the negotiations.
    The property was design…
  • How a young Melbourne couple built an eco-arts retreat in Tasmania
    Its a sentiment undoubtedly familiar to many Australians tired of the daily grind: wouldnt it be nice to escape the rat race and just go live in a commune somewhere?
    Enjoying a rural lifemight sound like a pipe dream to city dwellers, but young couple Elisse Kleiner and Alex Ross offer the chance to experience a temporary version of it first-hand at their Dreamfarm Eco-Arts Retreat in Tasmanias Huon Valley.
  • What Melbourne’s median house price could buy you around the world
    Have you ever thought about throwing it all in, selling up and moving overseas?
    With property prices soaring in Melbourne, no one couldblame you. Its a tough market out there and it aint getting any easier in the short term.
    Casting an eye eagerly across the seas in search of a cheaperplace to call homeis tempting.
    And its sad but truethat you could buy a sprawling French farmhouse estate for significantlyless than …
  • Interest rate rises to trigger $1.6trn debt bomb
    It shows why the balance sheets of households with a mortgage are so exposed to a drop in house prices. While everyone seems to point to the…
  • The most crowded trades on the ASX
    However, as recent history in WA has demonstrated, when investors stop believing house prices rise consistently forever, mortgage asset growth can…
  • Regional WA offering investors rental yields of up to 10%: report
    The Pilbara region has seen property prices drop sharply, according to Momentum Wealth, using average house prices in Port Hedland as an…
  • Dwelling price growth continues
    Price growth of residential property has yet to abate, causing issues for owner occupiers seeking to enter the market