Top Stories in Australian Home Ownership September 30, 2017

Today’s trending stories in Australian home ownership and Home Loans.

  • Solo buyers need to team up to get into market, research shows
    … of their income on mortgage repayments and did not rent the homes out. … save deposits they are left out of the economic benefits of home ownership. … but teaming up would make it easier to get loan approval for a mortgage.
  • NSW tribunal overturns bylaw banning woman from renting her apartment on Airbnb
    Sydney teacher Peta Estens took her apartment building to a NSW tribunal when she was told its bylaws didnt allow her to rent out her unit on Airbnb during her school holidays and won.
    The landmark decision, the first time strata bylaws have been overturned in favour of Airbnb in NSW, will have major repercussions for every apartment building that has tried to restrict short-term lets.
    I think it stops people running apartments like their own fiefdoms and t…
  • Port Melbourne: The rags to riches story of a Melbourne suburb
    Port Melbourne wasnt always Port Melbourne. It was originally known as Sandridge, thanks to the rudimentary barrel marker put up by the areas surveyor overlooking the beach.
    The area first came to prominence during the gold rush of the 1850s, when it became an important maritime hub.
    Officially renamed Port Melbourne in 1884, it was resolutely the home of low-cost housing for the urban battlers and of the industries that employed them.
    Urban renewal and a co…
  • September financial wrap up
    It turns out that spring may be the perfect time to refinance your home loan. Not only are a bunch of home loan lenders offering cash incentives for … 1 in 3 lenders made cuts to its fixed mortgage rates including bcu that stunned the…
  • London house prices fall for first time in eight years
    “Low mortgage rates and healthy rates of employment growth are providing some support for demand, but this is being partly offset by pressure on…
  • Historic Coronation Drive terrace building could soon become residential again
    An architect who restored the Cook Terraces on Coronation Drive in the 1980s hopes the now commercial building would one day return to its original use as housing.
    Hamilton Wilson helped convert the building from a bohemianliving space into offices and said the terrace had a long history as a house since its construction in 1888.
    It was rotting, there was nothin…
  • Appointment of the Head of International Department
    Media Release Number 2017-20: Dr Bradley Jones has been appointed to the position of Head of International Department at the Reserve Bank of Australia. The Bank considered a competitive field of internal and external candidates for this role, which will become vacant following the retirement of Mr Chris Ryan later this year.
  • Big four mortgage customers can’t get no satisfaction
    Satisfaction amongst home loan customers at the big banks continues to weigh down overall satisfaction levels
  • One in two mortgage holders over-indebted
    New analysis of ABS data has highlighted trends amongst households who may be taking on heightened levels of debt