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Analysis: Is it worth fixing your home loan?
Property Observer
For mortgage holders, low interest rates are providing opportunities to save considerable sums on their home loans.

How to save on your home loan
“These lenders are trying to bring in big fish,” said mortgage broker Hank Hong of Home Loan Experts, who two weeks ago struck a $1.3 million loan …

Risky loans ‘could leave people homeless’
Sydney Morning Herald
That includes 40-year mortgages, family guarantees and no deposit and low deposit home loans, which are currently used by a third of all new applicants.

Banking: Getting a loan
To buy a house in, say, Brisbane you’d need a deposit of about $104,000 if you want to avoid lenders mortgage insurance.

Massive household debt generating mortgage stress
The Adviser
New research has revealed that Australians are worried about repaying their home loans, with household debt reaching 25-year highs.

Mortgage figures significantly slump in April
Broker News Australia
Investor loans made up 38% of all new home loans processed in the state. The AFG monthly mortgage index was released yesterday.